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New website design and added functionality!

Welcome to our new website design! The new design should add much better mobile functionality and also brings a new feature to the table, “Request Support”. This new feature allows you to inquire about services without even needing to call us or come in the shop. It works by generating a special service ticket on our end, in which our technicians can look over your request and then respond to you.

Please make sure to notify us the best method of contacting you in your description when you fill out the form. The other benefit of this new feature is that you may request the service ticket number of the work being done and then use that and your last name to check the progress on it. Our technicians will periodically post quick summary updates of what’s happening to the machine. This will insure that you have updates without needing to call us and expedite our work more efficiently.

Are you still rocking Windows 7?

Did you know the end of support for windows 7 is coming ?

Are you aware that Windows 7 support will be discontinued on January 14, 2020? Windows 7 was released on October 22, 2009 by Microsoft with a commitment to provide 10 years of support and those 10 years are soon coming to an end. Starting January 14, 2020 Windows will no longer provide technical assistance and software updates for any PC that still uses Windows 7. You might think that this upgrade can wait because your PC will still continue to work, right? Well yes, Windows will continue to start and run on your PC, but there will be no software updates, including security updates, thus making your system and organization’s data highly susceptible to virus attacks and security breaches.  Is that a risk you are willing to take? We hope not! With only a few months left before Windows 7 end-of-life, now is the time to make the switch! How?

Looking to upgrade to Windows 10 and your machine?

We have an awesome office computer for only $591.82 (including tax)! This price includes the price of the machine and data transfer from your old machine! Not sure if it a good fit, Just give us a call with a budget and we will build you the best machine to fit within your budget!

Not ready to upgrade or your already running Windows 10 but would like a tune-up?

Just drop off your machine at your convenience and we will do our best to make it run line new with everything from windows updates, virus removal, windows system tweaks and much more.

New Winter Hours

Hello Pullman, and surrounding areas. We are changing our hours for Winter.

Monday 9AM to 5PM

Tuesday – Friday 9AM to 6PM

Saturdays By Appointment But Chiefly Closed

Closed Sundays

Thank You For Your Interest In Our Business

Thanksgiving Hours

Thank you for visiting our site. This week, for Thanksgiving (20th-26th), we will not be in the office normal hours. Monday and Tuesday we will be in and out from 10am-5pm, if we are not in you can try to contact us via email or leave a message on our phone line and we will try to get back with you soon. Wednesday through Sunday we will be closed. Thank you for your patience and we hope you have an awesome holiday break!


Mon 20th Hours -In and out 10am-5pm

Tues 21st Hours -In and out 10am-5pm

The 22nd-26th We Will Be Closed

Need a boost in speed and reliability?

We offer SSD upgrades on desktops and laptops. If your PC/Mac is running slow and takes, what seems, forever to start up, you may be using an aging HDD (Hard Disk Drive). HDDs are mechanical pieces of hardware that have  moving parts and typically slow down over extended use, as well as being sensitive to heat and shock.  SSDs (Solid State Drives) are non-mechanical storage devices, and are faster (up to 5x) and more reliable than HDDs (SSDs come with a minimal 3 Year warranty & HDDs usually no more than 1 Year). As of this post, 240GB SSDs are $65 and installation labor with data retention usually runs around $40 if a clone can be accomplished or $80-$100 for a fresh operating system installation with personal data transfer. Hard Drive diagnostics are free, so come on by if you would like us to check the life of your drive.