For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is your hourly rate?

A: If we’re working in our shop, the default rate is $80 per hour, and if we’re working on-site, the rate is $120 per hour. However, being reality-based, our prices may vary depending on the task being worked on.

Q: Do you repair phone and tablet screens?

A: Yes we do! We even do work on Microsoft Surfaces, however due to their fickle nature we recommend ensuring that you go through your warranty first if possible. For Surfaces in particular, we charge a minimum of $120 to begin work on it.

Q: How about laptop screens?

A: Absolutely! We carry many displays in stock, 30Pin/40Pin LED backlit laptop monitors, and can generally replace broken screens the same day as brought in for repair. Some Touchscreens and Ultrabook displays are proprietary and must be ordered, making repair take anywhere from 3-5 working days. Labor is a base rate of $120+tax, and most repairs (usually 15.6in non-touch laptop displays) are $120-$240+tax completed labor and parts.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: Of course! Just come in anytime during our business hours.

Q: How much does it usually cost to upgrade my computer to the latest version of Windows OS (i.e. Windows 10)?

A: First, most computers manufactured within the last 10 years or so (*Intel 755 Socket/AMD 939 Socket CPUs at least) can run Windows 10. Matter of fact, Windows 10 consumes less resources than Vista and Windows 7 OS. Cost of the upgrade varies unit to unit, but with most applications and all personal data transferred on a working HDD/SSD is $120+tax. That price can vary if you have other existing conditions (i.e. Failing HDD sectors, Major Malware/Virus infection, Failing circuitry) and will be quoted before final repair/upgrade.