We offer SSD upgrades on desktops and laptops. If your PC/Mac is running slow and takes, what seems, forever to start up, you may be using an aging HDD (Hard Disk Drive). HDDs are mechanical pieces of hardware that have  moving parts and typically slow down over extended use, as well as being sensitive to heat and shock.  SSDs (Solid State Drives) are non-mechanical storage devices, and are faster (up to 5x) and more reliable than HDDs (SSDs come with a minimal 3 Year warranty & HDDs usually no more than 1 Year). As of this post, 240GB SSDs are $65 and installation labor with data retention usually runs around $40 if a clone can be accomplished or $80-$100 for a fresh operating system installation with personal data transfer. Hard Drive diagnostics are free, so come on by if you would like us to check the life of your drive.